At Curreen Capital, we are passionate about making smart long-term investments to make you more money. 

Since the fund was launched in June 2013, investors have seen their investment grow significantly - easily outpacing both the S&P 500 and MSCI World indexes. We consider these two indices to be great investment options for long-term investors, so any stock investment fund must be able to beat them over time. Curreen Capital's performance continues to demonstrate that our investment strategy is sound and delivers real results for investors.

Christian Ryther founded Curreen Capital in 2013. Christian earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College, and his MBA from the Columbia Business School, where he was selected to join the school’s elite Value Investing Program. An avid runner, Christian completed the Boston Marathon in under three hours and has run several ultramarathons, including the 2016 Black Hills 100 - where Christian took second place.