About Curreen Capital

At Curreen Capital, we are passionate about making smart long-term investments to build your wealth. Since the fund launched in June 2013, we have grown partners' wealth significantly - outpacing both the S&P 500 and MSCI World indexes. Curreen Capital's performance demonstrates the power of our investment strategy and delivers meaningful benefits for our partners.

Curreen Capital's Investment Strategy

We are a concentrated global small cap value fund, and our investments meet three key criteria:

  1. Excellent businesses

  2. Exceptional management

  3. Undervalued securities

Our fund invests in 5-15 positions which meet all three criteria, and we hold cash when we cannot identify investments that meet our criteria.

Investments that meet each of our key criteria are rare. So we hunt for them among spinoffs, odd transactions, and small and obscure companies. We aim to be the smartest investors in the room - because we are the only investors in the room.

By the time you hear about a stock we own, its price has probably doubled.

Our Partners

While many funds focus on ultra high net worth families and institutions, Curreen Capital works to make a meaningful difference for everyday accredited investors like you.

Over the next twenty years, we want to transform your life. We want your family to be able to pursue opportunities that today are just dreams.


Portfolio Manager

Christian Ryther has been passionate about investing since he read Peter Lynch’s “Beating the Street” in his early teens. He loves hunting for unexpectedly beautiful businesses, and seizing opportunities in an endlessly shifting environment.

Like many investors, Christian earned his MBA at the Columbia Business School and went through its value investing program. Unlike many investors, Christian was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco.

Christian also runs, a lot. He ran the Boston Marathon in under three hours before embracing ultramarathons. It took more than 25 hours through 90 degree heat, but he earned second place in the Black Hills 100 mile race.

Christian's passion, determination, and heart drive results for Curreen Capital’s partners.


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