At Curreen Capital, we are passionate about making smart long-term investments to build your wealth. 

Since the fund launched in June 2013, it has grown partners' wealth significantly - outpacing both the S&P 500 and MSCI World indexes. Curreen Capital's performance demonstrates the power of our investment strategy and delivers outstanding long-term results for our partners.

While many funds focus on ultra high net worth families and institutions, Curreen Capital works to make a meaningful difference for everyday accredited investors like you.


Christian Ryther is Curreen Capital's founder and portfolio manager:

Curreen Capital exists to make money for you, our partners. I would certainly enjoy investing and making money solely for myself, but helping others makes investing noble.

Being a trusted partner for you and your family as you grow older, removing concerns of outliving retirement savings, helping your kids and grandkids pursue their dreams, etc… That is what elevates investing from a stimulating exercise into something I feel good about as a positive influence in the world.

People often ask me - "why the fund is called 'Curreen'"?

It is my middle name, and a long-lost family name. I picked it before learning that unusual names raise eyebrows, but it is who we are. At Curreen Capital, we embrace exploring the unusual and unknown to see what gems we can discover.


Warren (Buffett) said he was asked how he found so many millionaires for his partnership. Laughing, he said to me, “I told them I grew my own.”
— Ed Thorp

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